Otile Brown is Difficult to Work With – ‘Ipepete’ Hitmaker Masauti Reveals

Otile Brown is Difficult to Work With – ‘Ipepete’ Hitmaker Masauti (Instagram)

‘Ipepete’ singer Masuati has revealed that working with Otile Brown is very difficult and if he is given another opportunity to work with him he will not take it.

The two Mombasa artistes had worked on a collaboration called ‘Lucy’ but the song did not take off due to communication barriers.

Masauti disclosed that Otile kept sending him to his manager instead of communicating directly with him and that put him off greatly because he believes that for a collaboration to take off, artistes need to communicate directly and discuss ways to make their song great.

“Otile owned the song and he knows why he has never produced the video. He didn’t call me for the collabo directly and he kept sending me to his manager. If you do that, I will do the same. As artistes, why can’t we communicate directly and exchange ideas? When you keep sending me to your manager even I will send you to my manager. With Nadia Mukami things were very easy, we would chat, get in the studio and push the music together,” he said on Milele FM.

With Nadia Mukami things were very easy – Masauti (Instagram)

“Do you think Otile acts like a superstar?” the radio hosts sought to find out.

“I don’t know, someone should ask him. If that’s his style of working then I don’t think it would work if you don’t have direct communication,” Masauti added.

While Masauti may have complained about Otile’s ‘Superstar Behaviour’, Otile had earlier complained that it was difficult working with Sanaipei Tande for their ‘Chaguo La Moyo’ hit.

Otile Brown (Instagram)

“Ni msumbufu sana, I remember I wanted to work with her from last year but haikufanyika sababu yeye ana utaratibu ikifika kwa kazi. If you wanna work with her inabidi studio iwe karibu na sehemu anayokaa, ushanielewa na hata mkiwa studio she needs her time alone, she chases all of you from the studio and she is left with the producer and all that,” Otile disclosed.

Defending herself, Sana said, “First of all I am not difficult. He wanted us to go to one of those places where you are like ‘Imagine if I don’t have to go there I don’t have to go there.’ If there is going to be another option that we can have, then let’s take that one but the truth is, I want to be comfortable in a studio. I don’t want to walk into a place where I don’t know half of the people who are there, I don’t know the location I am in, I will not deliver that’s the truth.”

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