Raila Junior’s Genuine Remarks Lands Him in Trouble Online

Raila Junior Odinga on Tuesday landed in trouble after he, in all appearances, made a genuine remark concerning a man who was washing a car by the roadside.

A man washing a car reportedly at Lavington.

In his tweet, the Scion, son to ODM leader Raila Odinga, said the man engaging in a car washing activity was doing an injustice to pedestrians by using the path as a site for his works.

“At the risk of sounding unpopular I wish there was a bylaw that made it illegal to wash your car at the roadside in Lavington @SimbaArati @MikeSonko,” tweeted Raila Junior.

Raila Junior also asked the government to allocate land for such activity to allow such places to serve their intended purpose.

“You mean taxpayer problems, issue Is government getting them space for car wash county has a lot of lands it can allocate, the sidewalk is for pedestrians and the reserve is for car breakdown,” he added.

However, the remarks did not go well with a section of Twitter users who slammed the Scion for castigating the man.

Majority of those who reacted to his post expressed disappointment and said he cared not for jobless youths in the country.

One user identified as @cosmas45257747 replied saying: “Sick head… how has this man looking for a means to earn a genuine and clean money offended you , but again come to think of it , why can’t you spare a portion of your father’s compound for this man to open a modern car wash.”

Raila Junior Odinga.

Another user @JudyKaranja18 dismissed Raila Junior’s remarks said: “let the boys be. In this economy… It’s very unpopular to earn an honest living like he is doing. It’s better than stealing your side mirrors at the parking in Lavington.”

To @NickMidia the level of joblessness in the country has provoked such moves since many people need to do something regardless of the place to eke out a living.

He tweeted; “If you knew the level of joblessness out here you wouldn’t comment like that. But in any case, you have never known what being jobless is. Those brothers are just trying to earn a living.”

Here is how other Kenyans scolded Raila Junior:

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