Mutahi Ngunyi’s Kind Gesture To Miguna Miguna Backfires Terribly

Political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi and exiled advocate of the High Court Miguna Miguna, on Monday, had a fiery exchange on social media after the former opined that he was willing to mentor the exiled lawyer.

Taking to his Twitter account, Ngunyi asked Miguna to take his kind gesture positively and shared a video that analyses the exiled lawyer’s book; Peeling Back the Mask.

A collage of exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna and Political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi.

“I want to MENTOR @MigunaMiguna. And (Please Miguna, do not ABUSE me. PLEASE.) I am SERIOUS,” tweeted Ngunyi.

However, Miguna could not take it. He clapped back with a tweet dismissing the gesture.

“I must disappoint you, Mr Kleptocrat. You cannot mentor men and women of integrity with stellar records in the struggle for Justice and more qualified and competent than you.

“You are free to mentor thieves struggling to join Waiguru and you in NYS and other heists,” responded Miguna.

In the analysis of Miguna’s book, Ngunyi argues that the exiled lawyer only wanted to paint ODM leader Raila Odinga in his image but did not succeed.

A collage of Miguna Miguna’s book and ODM leader Raila Odinga who is being talked about in the book.

The political commentator argues that if Miguna’s assertions in the book were true then he would not have supported the ODM leader in 2017 General Elections.

He further concludes that after Miguna’s intention to tarnish Raila’s image backfired, the lawyer got angry leading to his perennial attacks at the ODM leader.

In the book, Peeling Back the Mask, Miguna says he is a whistle-blower, exposing the corruption and cynicism at the heart of the Kenyan political establishment, all the way into the prime minister’s office, then held by Raila Odinga.

According to Miguna, the book is simply a gust as well as a gush of fresh air in the stifling Kenyan political atmosphere; it is a paean to those patriotic Kenyans who insist on speaking uncomfortable truths to power.

Here is how Ngunyi mentored Miguna Miguna:

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