Lawyer Ombeta Gives Five Demands to IG Mutyambai

In an apparent suspicion of police action, criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta has made five demands to Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.

This was after the police sent a press release to newsrooms that four police officers caught on tape assaulting a student were interdicted.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta peeps through a gate. PHOTO: Courtesy

In a rejoinder to the information, Ombeta demanded that police reveal the names of the officers in the video recorded during the protest organized by JKUAT students.

Lawyer Ombeta also demanded answers on where the disciplinary meeting was held, information on the proceedings of the said meeting and the police officer present during the meeting.

In his tweet, the lawyer also pressed police to reveal the interdiction notifications sent to the police officers.

This came after the viral video found its way into Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’s hands, who regretted the brazen police brutality and promised action in under 24 hours.

It is this tweet that jolted police boss Mutyambai who would send a press release on what the police service was planning to do concerning the viral video.

Mutyambai noted stated that police should desist from brutal ways of restoring order and instead adhere to the conduct envisaged in their terms of service.

He reiterated that police should only apply equal force in dealing with rioters.



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