Kenyans Rubbish Mutyambai’s Statement on Interdiction of Brutal Juja Police, Demand Names

The backlash towards the Police Force is far from over, following a Monday incident where officers were caught on camera assaulting a university student.

In the viral 22 seconds video, the student, identified as one Allan Omondi, lays helplessly on the ground as four policemen kick and clobber him in a fit of unjustifiable rage.

Responding to the uproar that emerged following the release of the video clip, security bosses Tuesday morning swore to crackdown on the four rogue officers and take appropriate action in 24 hours.

True to their word, eight hours later, the National Police Service announced that the guilty parties had been identified, and interdicted from the force, awaiting further investigations and action by the Internal Affairs team.

Although the announcement was made in hopes of quelling the anger of Netizens, who had spent the better part of Tuesday condemning Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai and the Independent Police Oversight Authority 9IPOA), for failing to tame the Force, the announcement only elicited more anger.

This is because the IG failed to publish the names of the four suspended servicemen, a move Kenyans perceived as being aimed at protecting the violent officers, instead of laying their identities bare for all to see.

According to conspiracy theorists, the statement by the IG was just a mere stunt to appease the public, while in the real sense, no action had been taken on the officers.


Other netizens demanded more than just the names of the brutal policemen.

Another section of citizens called the Police leadership out for being too lax in their work and allowing such horrific acts to occur, only responding when the damage has already been done.

Kenyans whose faith in the Police Force is still intact, however, congratulated Mutyambai on the fast turnaround, calling for more vigilance in the future.

Mutyambai was also called out over police recruitment procedures, which give physical appearance prominence, instead of focusing on intellectual capacity.

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