How Authorities Frustrated Journalist Covering Stowaway’s Death

A Sky News Investigative journalist has lifted the lid on the identity of a man who fell from a plane in Britain and in the process revealed frustration from Kenyan authorities.

In the viral video, Paul Manyasi, an airport cleaner is reported to have snuck into a Britain-bound plane in search of a better life but would fall off into South London’s posh estate.

Collage of photos of deceased stowaway Paul Manyasi. PHOTO: Courtesy

Using details picked up by London’s metropolitan police, the Sky News investigative reporter jetted into Kenya to find out who the victim actually was.

He would use reports from taxi drivers in random conversations to trace Manyasi’s girlfriend who recognised the items and face of the stowaway.

Reached for clarification, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport authorities refused to comment on the matter and shoved the reporter away.

He would receive the same treatment from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) who cunningly declined any attempts at getting their side of the authority.

Nevertheless, the reporter would gather information that would lead him to the parents of the deceased stowaway who stated they were yet to receive any communication from Manyasi’s employers.

Manyasi was an airport cleaner with Colnet agency at the time of his disappearance.

He shared a room with his friend in Mukuru-kwa-Njenga slum which is closer to the airport to save on the cost of living in the city.

His friend would reveal that Manyasi had ambitions of working abroad someday but lacked the papers and the money for a flight.

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