Global Franchise Company Jeff App Sets Foot in Kenya

An international Startup  Company with an innovative business model Jeff is seeking to set foot in the Kenyan market to offer online laundry and dry cleaning services for all of its customers.

According to Eloi Gómez, CEO and co-founder of Jeff, “our obsession from day one has been to add value to the customer and we believe that we can do it, not just by washing and ironing their clothes, but also by offering them all the services they may need in their day-to-day lives.”

Local franchises will also receive strong marketing and logistical support from Mr. Jeff, with zero royalties or marketing fees for
the first year.


“The app offers a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity with a fast return on investment (ROI),” said Gómez. “Our research shows that 78% of people think that laundry is the most hated household chore. We are literally transforming the face of household chores.”Gómez said adding that strong digital approach and subscription plans, they intend to change the traditional functioning of the dry cleaning sector.

In addition to the laundry business model, Mr. Gómez said there are other verticals that are being developed that are dedicated to hairdressing and beauty.

“In addition, Jeff is also announcing its fitness services, Fit Jeff, which will start operating in the coming months. Both operate under the franchise business model in the same way as Mr. Jeff,” he said.

He noted that the services will be on a monthly subscription or on-demand for urban clients who are tech-savvy.



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