Alleged Cop Caught on Camera Brutalising JKUAT Student Contradicts Himself On Phone Call

A police officer caught on camera, together with several others, brutally beating up a JKUAT student, has drawn more attention towards himself after issuing contradictory statements during a damning phone call Tuesday.

The officer, identified as Kiprotich, was rang up by the Kiss FM duo of Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe, who wanted him to shed more light on the incident, and to also to give him a chance to defend himself, after social media identified him in the viral video that emerged following JKUAT students demonstrations on Monday.

On the phone call, the officer first admits that he was part of the team dispatched to respond to the student riots at Juja.

However, once the radio hosts notify Kiprotich that his face was clearly caught on camera in the horrific video, where officers kick and clobber the helpless student before leading him away into custody, he immediately recants his confession, saying he was nowhere near the torture scene.

The cop goes ahead to act as if he has no idea what the call is about, telling Kamene that she has just woken him up and that he has been unwell.

“Mimi ata nimeumia kitambo sana…niko mgonjwa (I was injured a while back…I am unwell),” Kiprotich audaciously says.

Security bosses, including Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai and Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi, have vowed to follow up on the incident and bring the four police officers to book in 24 hours.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA),  has also affirmed its intent to take action on the perpetrators of the inhuman treatment towards the campus youngster, which, the body says, is contrary to the provisions of the Constitution on when police officers should apply excessive force on citizens.

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