7 Things Kenyans Couples Need To Know About Flavored Condoms

According to the Cambridge dictionary, flavored condoms have been defined as condoms which have a certain taste when sucked or licked. Some examples of the flavors found in condoms include strawberry, chocolate, mint, orange, banana, vanilla, bubblegum and many more.

These condoms were created to be used for oral sex and prevent the contraction of sexual transmitted infections (gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and HIV.)

There are certain things every couple needs to be aware of before using these flavored condoms;

1. Most of these flavored condoms are made of latex and if you are allergic to it, simply avoid it. You do not want to ruin the sex because you are feeling itchy!

2. Before buying a flavored condom you must ensure it fits right. This is because if it’s big or small, it may slip or break and you may end up pregnant.

3. Flavored condoms were specifically invented for oral sex. The different types of oral sex include; Oral Vaginal Contact(Cunnilingus), Oral Penile Contact (Fellatio) and Oral Anal Contact (Analingus). They should never be used for vaginal sex not unless the particular brand state so on the direction side.

4. If you want to use lube, ensure to use condom safe lubricants like silicone, water-based, hybrid or flavored lube.

5. Before making the payments of the condoms, ensure to check the expiry date. You may end up carrying a condom that is torn, old, stiff or filled with holes.

6. Once you use flavored condoms for vaginal sex, you are prone to yeast infection despite being approved to be safe for oral sex.

7. It’s very okay to experiment with any flavor but remember to use a fresh condom any time you are having sex.






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