6 Best Tips to Fashionably Rock Backless Dresses Like Your Favourite Celebrities

Rocking a backless attire is one of the hardest things to pull off for most fashionistas. There are a number of things that hinder people from wearing these daring attire choices. For one, your entire back is out for all to see. Secondly, the girls are never really in their comfort zone.

The trend that was big in Hollywood has slowly become a favourite for Kenyan celebrities who are stepping out in the daring fits.

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How you look should always be a sin and local celebrities like Vera Sidika, Geekonfashion and Wahura Kabutha clearly got the memo. Here are the rules to follow to be able to rock the backless dresses confidently.

Wear the appropriate bra

The bra is one of the most important details of this look. You cannot wear the same bra you wear when you are wearing a t-shirt. No one wants to see the bra strap all exposed. Try wearing a low back bra or a bra with a clear back strap.

Choose the right hairstyle


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A person’s hairstyle can make or break a room. Before people see your back, they will see your face and you need to make the first impression as good as possible. High ponytails or long straight hair work perfectly with these dresses and jumpsuits.

Go braless

For women with small busts, you can get away with wearing these daring outfits without a bra. You can also use the silicon flowers which cover just the nipple.

Skincare routine

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Some people are insecure about their backs. In this case, get into a back skincare routine weeks before showing off your back in a backless outfit. Make that back sparkle girl!

Make sure the dress fits

Wearing an ill-fitting backless dress does not have the intended effect on people. Instead of looking elegant and chic, you will look ragged instead. Make sure you get it in your size.

Choose Elegant jewellery

Jewellery choices are essential parts of any outfit. When you wear a backless outfit, the attention should be on your back so try and avoid wearing flashy accessories and jewellery. These will take the attention away from the killer dress, which you absolutely don’t want.


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