Sad!Rashid Abdalla’s Pens Down an Emotional Message to Ailing Mom

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Citizen TV news anchor Rashid Abdalla took to Instagram and penned down an emotional message to his ailing mother. In the same post, he mourned his late brother, Major Mshindo, whom he lost on 22nd June.

“Ain’t easy won’t be easy but Inshallah God will see you through Mum. Take heart and be strong. #ifeelyoumum #22Junefeelsliketoday #continuerestinginpeacebro #getwellsoonmum,” he said.

Losing his brother was a major blow since he was playing the role of a father in his life. He revealed that his brother was everything to him after the death of their father in 1996.

“My brother, you have shielded me, giving the father’s love I missed for all those years and I will always love, cherish and remember your selfless personality,” he said.

Rashid had even wished his brother a happy father’s day fully acknowledging him as the best brother and who doubled up as a father of the family.

Mshindo was a major donor of Nuru Orphanage kids where he donated Iftar dinner to the less fortunate and orphans in the entire holy month of Ramadan.

Kaka uliyekuwa baba yangu pindi tu baba alipofariki 1996. Hakika ulijinyima mengi kufanikisha ndoto zangu na kuziba upweke wa kuondokewa na baba mzazi duniani,” read part of his post.

“You had to be my “Dad”, You have been my “Dad” and forever you will be my “Dad”. I love you so much and will forever count on you.”

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