Angry Landlady Kicks Out University Students from Hostel (VIDEO)

A video has emerged of a landlady kicking out students from a rented apartment after they allegedly demanded to utilize a rent deposit they had paid.

In the video, the woman is seen in the rented room throwing utensils and breaking glasses as the terrified students watch from outside the house.

This comes after a survey done by Nakuru County Students Caucus alongside the Kenya University Students Union found that some 1551 students deferred their studies for failing to raise fees between 2018 and 2019.

University students queue for admission. PHOTO: Courtesy

Secretary-General of South Eastern Kenya University students Erick Ocholla, in an interview with the Standard, stated that the Government should compel universities to have a poor students’ kitty to reduce the rate of deferments.

The student bodies have been pushing for higher student loan allocations to cushion learners from vagaries of student welfare.

This year, HELB increased its minimum loan allocation to degree students from Ksh35,000 to Ksh42,000.

Most Universities reserve their hostels to first-year students and other continuing students who have completed their fees.

This trend disadvantages poor students who may not necessarily complete the fee payment from one instalment, hurting their chances of ever getting accommodation.

Both Government and self-sponsored students are reported to have deferred their studies after they failed to raise enough money for school fees and their general upkeep.

HELB disburses their loans on the second semester of the academic year, forcing poor students to miss their spots in school as they are unable to raise the required fee on time.

One student identified as Mercy Omukuba deferred her studies after she spent all her tuition fee to pay medical bills for her mother at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

Mercy, who plans to resume her studies in January, told the press she was hopeful her Nakuru County government bursary application would be successful.

Her mother is currently at the health facility with a bill of Ksh300,000.





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