7 Foods You Should Never Order On A First Date

Let’s admit that one of the most nerve-cracking moments in life is, the first date.

First dates come with a lot of pressure because you have to think of what to wear because it will make a good or bad impression, the venue of the date, how does your date look and what to eat.

All these are things that can be controlled by being yourself, choosing a venue you can afford, ordering food you can eat with no struggles and dressing to impress.

If there is one thing that can disgust your date is the food you order. There are foods that make the body react in different ways by producing gas, heartburn, stomach pains or fatigue. Simply avoid foods that will make you uncomfortable.

Here are foods that you should never order;

1. Spaghetti. It may be a classy food to order but if you can’t balance the spaghetti or eat it with a fork, quit it! You don’t want to look all messy dropping the noodles.


2.Ribs. They have a tendency of making you look like you were from licking the plate and can also ruin your make up.

3. Beans. They always make you full and there is a possibility of farting anyhow. Save beans after going for a couple of dates.

4. Spinach. It is very healthy to eat this but you must avoid it because it has a tendency of getting between your teeth.  There is nothing annoying like been told by your crush you have something on your teeth on a first date! Super embarrassing!

5. Spicy Foods. If you are acidic, avoid any spicy food or else you will suffer from heartburns, watery eyes that can ruin your make up or make you sweaty.

6. Anything with garlic or onions. This will give your mouth the worst breathe for days. You don’t want your date to run away when he or she leans in to kiss you.

7. Anything that is hard to pronounce. Just order what you can pronounce, you don’t want to look dumb forcing a pronunciation. If you can pronounce it, order confidently and spice it up with an accent!

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