‘My Boyfriend Wets The Bed, I Don’t Know What To Do’ Woman Cries

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Peeing in bed as an adult could not just be accidental but there are higher chances that there is an underlying medical condition.

Dealing with a partner who wets the bed can be very frustrating especially if they do not want to admit that they need help.

It is not just disgusting but it can be very uncomfortable to share a bed with a bed-wetter and of course having to clean the mess up for them.

As partners, it is important to have an open conversation about such issues so as to agree on possible solutions.

A lady has requested for advise online since her boyfriend gets defensive every time she intends to have an honest conversation about his peeing in bed situation.

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We’ve been dating for 7 years, living together for 5 years. There were a few times early in the relationship when I noticed the bed was wet but didn’t want/know how to mention it to him.

 I’d clean the sheets and pretended it didn’t happen. My main concern at the time was making sure he didn’t feel any worse off about it than he may have already.

When he started drinking semi-heavily over the last two years he’s had many more accidents. It was to the point where I would clean our sheets every few days.

He’s cut back on drinking but the bed wetting has increased. I’ve tried to talk to him a few times and he puts up his defenses and either claims; A. it doesn’t happen, or B. it’s no big deal and along the same lines as me accidentally getting period blood on a sheet.

The fact that I may have hindered my chances of being able to sit down and have an open conversation about this makes me sick. 

Even if this is a lifelong battle for him, I’m sticking around. How would be the best way to go about getting him to see a specialist to see if we can get this all figured out?

How would you advise her?

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