How To Make Your Partner A Better Kisser

Silhouettes of Couple Kissing Against Sunset

Kissing can be such a turnoff and a deal-breaker if done in a terrible way. Some people have actually been dumped for being bad at it.

Considering that it is an essential aspect of romance, it is important to give it your best shot. Good kisses are passionate and the involved have to be in sync to enjoy it.

Some people do crazy and weird things while kissing and it is, therefore, important to understand what your partner likes to avoid embarrassing yourself.

It can be very difficult to tell your partner they are not good at kissing. However, you do not have to be rude about it.

Instead of sounding like you are attacking them, the best approach is to show that you would like to help them out.

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Here is how to make him/ her a better kisser

1. Take the lead

This requires patience since it might take time for them to learn. By taking the lead, it simply means that you should show them how to do it.

In the process, you will also learn what your partner likes or dislikes.

2.  Back off if you do not like it

Don’t wait for your tongue or lips to get bit off badly! Withdraw politely and do not be afraid to ask them to stop doing the things that you do not like.

Most importantly, give your partner a chance to speak out. This will help you understand how he/she feels about the whole situation.

Being aware of how they feel will make it easier for both of you to agree on workable solutions.

3.  Give your partner some tips

Give them something that they can work with. This will serve as a guide as they try to master the skill.

Some tips such as loosening up and allowing themselves to be in the moment can be helpful.

4. Do it more often

Practice makes perfect. Give your partner a second chance and affirm her if she is getting good at it.


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