Larry Madowo Takes Home Prestigious International Award

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Media personality Larry Madowo is celebrating more wins after taking home a prestigious international award.

Man like Larry is on a blessing streak that no one can deny. Taking to his twitter page, the legendary ‘The Trend’ host celebrated taking home the coveted Association for International Broadcasting (AIBs) award for his first radio documentary ever.

“Back from a 2-month social media break to learn that a BBC radio documentary I presented was nominated for an award! I loved working on it & I’m so glad people around the world enjoyed it,” the journalist wrote when he got nominated.

The AIBs Awards reward journalists for factual television, radio, audio and online productions in any language.

His documentary titled “Stories From The New Silk Road Raha: The Joy of the Train”, to which he won the prestigious award, gives insights on the Chinese built Nairobi-Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway.

Larry goes around asking fellow passengers what they think the Chinese’s end game is with all their loans and infrastructural developments in the country.

“Economic take over,” one passenger proclaimed.

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His co-host Peter Shevlin and himself delve into what would happen to the Kenyan Port of Mombasa if Kenyans defaulted in paying off their debt to the Chinese.

The open comprehensive documentary looks at the impact of the Chinese on the ground to the locals. It has brought to light a lot of concerns.

Larry Madowo is now reaping the rewards of his hard work. Rarely a man of few words, he announced his big win with the fewest words ever.

“We won! My first ever radio documentary and we won!” he tweeted.
Congratulations! Check out the sleek trophy below:

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