Friends Once More, Babu Defends Sonko After EACC Fracas

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino came to the defence of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko following the violence that ensued at the EACC offices.

Babu, on Tuesday, cemented the phrase that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.

During a press briefing, the MP argued that the mistreatment of Sonko was uncalled for.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino during a past media briefing

On his part, the lawmaker stated that the county boss could not execute his duties if he was being frustrated.

“He (Sonko) should not be frustrated. Our governor should not be treated like a village servant. This is a governor who was elected by the people to serve the people,” remarked the Embakis East representative.

According to the ODM party member key aspects in the city are affected everytime Governor Sonko is forced to appear before the body.

The once UON student leader questioned whether Sonko should work from the clouds due to the intensified witch hunt against him.

“The moment he is here at the EACC offices compounds, water is not being supplied, roads are not being constructed. How do you want him to work?Do you want him to work from the clouds?” Babu posed.

The leader pointed out that the office of the governor should not be used as a weapon by the government against the person in charge.

Governor Sonko earlier claimed that the EACC wanted to him out and efforts were being intensified to ensure that happens.

The governor asserted that he has not been convicted since he took office and that this was a personal grudge by the authorities.

The Jubilee party member highlighted that it was unfair that he was the only governor being investigated yet there are others who were worse than him.

“Kwa nini one governor. Four times in one month. I’m I the only governor in Kenya. Na ni hao tu wenye three weeks ago walitoa survey report analysis of the most corrupt counties. Nairobi was nowhere in the top 10 most corrupt counties,” Sonko explained.

The once senator of the city however made the news, after he slapped a KTN journalist identified as Collins Kweyu while arriving at the office.

The reason to the assault of the fourth estate member was yet to be given after the incident was caught on camera.

Following the incident, the Media Council of Kenya broke its silence over the matter and called for the intervention of the DCI and DPP in the matter.

Through a press statement, the regulatory body condemned the incident and remarked that journalists should be allowed to do their work.

“We wish to remind perpetrators of the violence that Press Freedom is a right enshrined in the constitution and any attempt to block journalists from exercising this right amounts to gross violation of the Supreme law,” read a part of the statement.

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