Duale Accuses Interior Ministry Over ‘Cooked’ Census Results

The National Assembly Majority leader, Aden Duale, has strongly come out to oppose the recently released census results in the North-Eastern region saying the results do not add up.

In his protest, Duale who was flagged by 10 other MPs from the region, promised to go to Court to challenge the results.

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The Garissa Township MP stated that he will be seeking an interpretation of the Court, to know whether the state department of planning was controlled by the Ministry of Interior instead of the National Treasury.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, Duale claimed that the ministry of interior is currently cooking figures of Huduma number to tally up with the 47M people.

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He added that the data used to arrive at the results came from pre-census mapping and are not the actual figures on the ground.

“You cannot stop the tyranny of numbers. You can not stop human beings walking on the streets. The game is not played in the boardrooms but the bedroom,” he stated

“We are so sure that the data used was for pre-census mapping. This data is false and not fit for the purpose of use. Someone wants to create a scenario where some people in Kenya will be marginalised so as to take our resources to other regions,” he added.

The MP complained that the results showed negative growth in the population of Mandera and other sub-counties in the region arguing that the population had surpassed the 80,000 number which the report gave as the number of people who increased in the region since 2009.


Duale, together with the North Eastern MPs join a number of leaders from other regions including Meru, Kisii, Busia, Murang’a, andNyandarua, among other counties who have come out to disown the results.

Already, President Uhuru Kenyatta has instructed the judiciary to use the numbers and data obtained from the census in the allocation of national resources.


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