What You Should Never Do On A One Night Stand

If there is one thing that is popular in the Nairobi nightlife is, one-night stands. This is a sexual relationship that lasts for one night.

Before going for that nightstand, there are certain things you need to watch out for. Here are the don’ts  of a one night stand;

1. Do not have unprotected sex. This is because you can easily contract sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes and HIV/AIDS since you do not their status. Before sleeping with that stranger, make sure to use protection. You definitely do not want to struggle walking because of an annoying burning sensation down there.


condoms GIF2. Do not sneak out of their house immediately.

There is nothing embarrassing like leaving a house early in the morning knowing you were ‘chipo’d’. Some people find that disrespectful and rude. Wake up, freshen up, have a small chat and leave later on knowing there is no emotional attachment.


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3. Do not have a one night stand with your friend. How awkward is this? Sleeping with your friends can make you lose your friendship. It may never be the same again and no matter how much you try to fix things, that night will always linger in your minds. But sometimes if there were feelings involved, there are chances of being in a relationship or FWB’s.


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4. Do not leave your belongings accidentally. Before leaving his hotel room, house or car make sure to pack everything. Going back for them will definitely communicate that you did it on purpose.


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5. Do not take things personally. Once you wake up and don’t find him, don’t catch feelings. This is because you had agreed it’s a one night stand and confessed that he does not want something serious. Whether he was fine face or was blessed with a great package down there, don’t take it to heart.

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6. Do not expect a serious relationship afterwards

Just as the name says, a one-night stand is what it means. If both of you had agreed that it’s just for the night, that’s all it was.


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  7. Do not feel obligated to spend the night if you do not want to.


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