Uhuru’s Sympathy Request to KRA

President Uhuru Kenyatta moved away from his tough, stern personality and activated his soft spot for Kenyans.

Uhuru, made a request to the KRA over the manner in which tax collection is conducted.

During the Taxpayers Awards luncheon held at the Safari Park Hotel, the president pleaded with the taxman to be lenient to the citizens.

The Head of State asserted that the tax collection authorities did not have to criminalise each case but instead be reasonable in their approach.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a past media briefing

“We must be friendly as i have asked my friends here. We can’t criminalise everything,” remarked Uhuru.

He added that,”Ati mtu wa KRA akionekana kazi imefungwa, watu wamebabaika, wengine wametoroka kwa madirisha, kwa sababu hawajui ni nini. (When a KRA officer is seen, businesses are closed, people are panicking others jump through windows without the knowledge of what is going on.)”

According to the commander in chief, there are certain mistakes that are legitimate and should not be used as a witch hunt by KRA.

The Jubilee party head advised that the matters should be settled in a workable plan by the two parties through creating a friendly convenient relationship.

“Don’t weaponise KRA as a tool to say wewe utanionoa. Nakuona kwa nini na mimi nafanya biashara yangu?(Why should i be in fear yet I am running my business?) questioned the president.

Uhuru who is serving his second and final term, noted that the tax man was going overboard in the chase of efficiency in conducting duties.

The son to the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta urged the heads of the government institution to find ways that will not hinder business people from going about their work.

“From what i have been hearing, some of the measures taken have been punitive. They are denying and delaying ordinary people from doing their business,” commented President Uhuru.

The once finance minister of the country during the Mwai Kibaki era, asserted that action should be taken against tax defaulters.

The president’s sentiments come during a period where the relationship between KRA and a section of the citizens is toxic.

The latest casualties of the move by KRA include businessman Humphrey Kairuki and Keroche Breweries owner Tabitha Karanja.

The two moguls are both facing tax evasion charges of Ksh 41 billion and 14.4 billion respectively.

The embattled duo, wait for their fates to be decided after being charged and released.

Kariuki and Karanja have both denied the allegations citing unfairness by the authorities as they had fully complied with the law.

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