Too much sauce! Meet Terence and Milly Chebby’s daughter who will give you baby fever

Just weeks ago, Terence and Milly Chebby were making headlines after their marriage hit rocky grounds.

It all began when Milly posted some emotional posts on her Instagram story that made her online in-laws wonder if there was trouble in paradise. She immediately trashed them after rumors began spreading that there was infidelity in their marriage and they were going to separate.

They later disclosed in an interview with Parents magazine that they are doing fine and the gossip should be disregarded. Their fans were still not convinced. It became worse as days went by and Terence finally confessed that he cheated on his wife after being exposed by an Entertainment Youtuber, Edgar Obare.

Despite the turbulence in their marriage, the power couple has been married for more than two years now. They welcomed a pretty baby girl this year, Milla Mwihaki Netai who is too adorable and is beyond a Kalenjin beauty.

As the current modern parents do nowadays, Baby Milla was created for an Instagram account which features her life and day to day activities.

Here are seven photos of Milla;

“I am a happy girl always.”
“Don’t I look pretty in a headwrap?”
“I want sweet!”
“I love my papa and he loves me too.”
“I am a rasta baby”
“I am a daddy’s girl.”


“My mommy is my fashionista.”

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