I Had Sex With a Hen After Watching My Uncle’s Sex Escapade- Kenyan Man Cries

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Almost everyone has made a bad decision in their life for one reason or the other a day that you thought to be great can turn out bad.

Having a bad day isn’t really the problem, but it’s how you react that actually matters most.

Here is a confession of a guy who found himself in a crazy fix one that had him make a crazy decision.

I am so into confessions that it hurts I haven’t seen new stuff for about a week now. anyway I hope you all are fine.
I joined recently in June but I have read almost all confessions but I haven’t read one related to what I’m gonna confess.
First, my whole life is more of a confession so I will script down my confessions in parts. Let me name myself MR BEAN


My parents were from a different religious background, and somehow due to that, they divorced. I was left with dad but he married another wife who used to beat me up whenever she felt like. She used to beat dad too😜😜. So dad took me to my grandmother(Moms mom). I wasn’t yet in school I was a very tiny thing. Life began at grandma’s place (Ushago).

My moms youngest brother who is my uncle had this hot chick who I later learnt was his cousin🙊🙊. They used to f**k right in front of me and they would say I’m just a kid I won’t know what they are doing, my dear friends never do silly stuff before kids because till today I remember everything.

I see my uncles big d**k in my head😂. So that day I had my first eeeee…yes Erection. I was tempted to say I want a share too but they would laugh at me, so I heard to look for someone to satisfy my sexual desires😂😂😂. I had to look for someone who could take the size of my babyd**k👌. And I found someone, yes I f****d my grandma’s HEN.

We call that bestiality. That was my first sexual encounter. I am not proud of it coz I was about 4yrs but too old for my age. I used to regret but I cannot change that. I have a beautiful girlfriend and I love her so much and I have never told anyone this. I have to go to work now but tomorrow early in the morning I will send part two. I’m between 24&27 years so don’t think I’m still screwing chicken.

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