Raila’s Sexual Joke Rubs Wavinya Ndeti the Wrong Way

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s joke, about Kamba women’s libido, has gotten him in trouble with female Kamba leader Wavinya Ndeti.

This comes barely hours after the former Prime Minister announced that, he had managed to get top Kamba leaders, including Alfred Mutua and Charity Ngilu, to support his Kibra MP by-election candidate Imran Okoth.

Far left-Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and Far Right- Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua show their solidarity with ODM leader Raila Odinga and Kibra MP candidate Imran Okoth

Hailing the Kamba leaders for joining his team, Odinga noted that the Eastern Kenya Community is faithful and reliable, using an analogy of Kamba women to reinforce his point.

“Ni kama akina mama. Wakisema watakupatia, watakupatia (They are like their women. When they promise you sex, they keep their word),” Raila said amidst bursts of laughter from the crowd.

According to the former Machakos Governor aspirant, Odinga took his sense of humour too far, by alluding to the stereotype that Kamba women are always willing to engage in intimacy, thus disrespecting women at large.

“Baba I’m very disappointed with your statement. Kambas are patient and loyal but we will not be taken for granted under any circumstance,” an agitated Wavinya wrote on social media.

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Former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti

She further warned Odinga that gaining Kamba support for over a decade does not allow him to become arrogant.

“We supported you for 10 years and you should respect my community,” Wavinya asserted.

Odinga supporters were, nevertheless, quick to come to his defence, accusing Wavinya of pettiness and misinterpreting his well-intended utterance.

A section of Wavinya’s followers, however, shared her sentiments that Odinga did, indeed, mock Kambas.

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