Popular Kenyan Singer Opens About Being the Side Chic

Budding Kenyan singer Sironka Milanoi has made a grand comeback with a new hit dubbed “Number 2” which addresses some of the tough situations side chicks normally find themselves in.

The song, which was released on November 3, gives a glimpse of the fluster emotions women fight with when dating a man who is not dedicated to the relationship or happens to be having other women.

“No one likes to be number two especially when you love someone so bad,” said Milanoi in an interview.

“The song is about all those ladies who are stuck in these relationships and they don’t know what else to do other than accepting their position which is Number 2.”

Milanoi opens up about being the side chick in the song, singing of how she’s been forced to call only at certain hours and seeing his man on specific days.

Number 2 is her second single after dropping “Friday Night” and “Ni Wewe”. She has also been featured by Qrias on “Bolingo Remix” which took over the club scene five months ago.

Watch Number 2 below:





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