Things To Consider Before Sleeping With Your Friend’s Ex

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The majority of people believe that it is wrong or immoral to sleep with your friend’s ex-lover.

Some even argue that doing so is strongly against the bro code/ girl code.

Even so, not everyone agrees with this and would defend their actions to prove that some rules are meant to be broken.

It is not just about sex, you could fall in love with your friend’s ex and at times this could be such a dilemma as you try to figure out whether you should resist or give in to the feelings.

There are people who would not mind if you had sex with their ex but others would be offended and perceive it as a form of betrayal.

Here are some of the things you should consider before hooking up with your friend’s ex

How it will affect your friendship


You would never feel nice if your friend thinks you have no value for the friendship you have.

Making an effort to think about how your action will affect your friendship is important because then, you do not seem selfish.

Talking to your friend is one of the best ways to understand what your friend feels about the whole situation.

After getting her opinion it might be easier for you to make your decision based not just on emotions but after critical thinking.

Whether your friend has moved on or not

If your friend is still healing from the breakup, this might not be the right time for you to hook up with him.

It might be easier for her to deal with it if she has moved on from her past relationship. It could be dangerous if she is still considering to make up with her man and you ruin it by getting between them.

How and why they broke up

Your friend will obviously warn you about hooking up with their exes especially if they had a questionable character.

If you are his/her close friend, there are chances that you are fully aware of what she went through with her exes.

This will help you avoid getting in the same toxic relationship that almost cost her life.

If the break up was peaceful and on the ground that it was not working for them, you might have time to think twice before coupling up

Does your friend approve it or not

Not that it matters but if they approve it, this means that things won’t have to be awkward and you will never have to worry about your friend finding out from a third party.

The only problem can come in if your friend does not approve yet you want to indulge.




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