“My Boyfriend Has Been Sending Nudes To My BestFriend” Nairobi Woman Cries

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Most people assume that cheating happens when your partner has sex with someone else.

Some, however, argue that even flirting and making other sexual advances without engaging in the act is also a form of cheating.

If you have at times had to do things behind your lover’s back with the knowledge that it would hurt them; you might not be any different from a cheating spouse after all.

People tolerate many things in a relationship and they compromise a lot too. Although the majority of people are strongly against cheating and in very rare instances, others are comfortable with having an open relationship.

It is painful to make sacrifices in a relationship and struggling to make it work yet your spouse does not see to appreciate this effort.

A Nairobi lady has expressed her frustration after learning that her man has been flirting with her best friend.

Here is her confession.

So mums I have tolerated this son of a woman for the better part of this year….I have been with him through thick and thin….we are both been jobless for long and I am delivering this month bila plan….so he has actually been flirting with my best friend even sending her nudes….am really so hurt, my back really pains….na feel tu nzae niache huyu mtoi hosi

How would you advise her?

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