2 Candidates Give Birth on First Day of KCPE Exams

Two girls from two different sub-counties in Narok were yesterday forced to take their exams from two different hospitals under tight security after they went into labour on the eve of the start of Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE).

Narok County Director of Education Mr. Philip Wambua said one candidate went into labour in Lolgorian area in Transmara West and was rushed by her parents to Lolgorian Dispensary where she delivered normally and was currently sitting for her exams at the same facility.

Another candidate went into labour last week at Mulot in Narok West and was rushed to Longisa Hospital in the neighbouring Bomet County where she delivered under cesarean last night but managed to sit for her exams too.

A pregnant school girl [Photo, Courtesy]
Wambua also said his office was investigating an incident where one candidate at St.   Peters` Primary School in Narok town who is sick and hospitalized failed to sit for his exams for what appears to be a failure by the headteacher to make arrangements for the exams to be taken to him on his hospital bed.

“The headteacher failed to inform the supervisor who would have made arrangements for the exams to be delivered to him in hospital but we are still investigating to know if this pupil was really registered for the exams,” he said.

Meanwhile, 29 candidates who previously schooled in the Maasai Mau where there is an imminent eviction of illegal squatters are sitting for the national examination in the neighbouring Olesulunye primary school on the outskirts of Maasai Mau forest.

Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti who visited the candidates at the school before the start of the exams Tuesday said that the government was keen on the right to education for all children and would ensure this right was upheld for all Kenya children.

“I want to assure the public that all candidates from Maasai Mau who are registered will sit for the national exams,” he added.

According to the administrator, all 15 schools that were previously in Mau were closed completely and candidates who were to sit the examinations had registered for examinations in other schools.

“As government we promise we will facilitate all the children who are in Mau and give them a suitable environment to ensure they sit for their exams,” Kimiti said.

The commissioner also said that Narok County was experiencing heavy rains that were making the roads impassable including the Olmekenyu road in Narok West stating that if need be, the county would request a chopper to distribute the exams.

The second phase of the water towers restoration was estimated to affect over 3, 360 households including an alleged 8, 000 school-going children.

The department of education in Narok has confirmed that there were no candidates in Mau since none of the 15 schools earmarked for closure were registered.

This year, Narok County has 24, 328 students sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education which is an increase of 1, 701 candidates as compared to 2018 were 22, 627. Candidates sat for the examination.

A similar increase has also been noted in secondary schools with 8, 209 candidates expected to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, an increase of 506 candidates as compared to last year when 7, 703 candidates were registered for the exam.

Security has been beefed up around the examination centers.

Source: KNA


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