Potty Training Tips for the Ever Busy Nairobi Mothers

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Psychologically, potty training affects child growth and its way of living in the future. If the mother becomes reluctant, the kid will grow to be careless but if the mother is keen on training her child how best to use the potty, the child will be responsible in the future.

Below are some simple tips which will help the ever buy mother in Nairobi mothers when it comes to potty training.

Let your child use it as a seat

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They can sit on the potty in front of the TV while looking at a book, or while drawing.

Let them follow you into the bathroom

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Let natural curiosity take over. Your child will want to do what you’re doing. After you go to the toilet show your child what happens when you flush.

Long before your child starts to use the potty, let them act it out in the bathroom. Let your child pull their pants down, sit on their potty seat on the big people toilet, get up whenever they’re “ready”, flush the toilet, wash their hands, and go. This will become a routine and eventually there will be something in the toilet.

Don’t ever punish a child for not going on the toilet

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This is how people develop some very serious issues. I am sure you don’t want your kid getting brought home by the police for peeing in public because he’s afraid of washrooms. What happens when someone is going to the toilet and you walk in and scream at them? You have the answer right. We all need peace when relieving ourselves.

Make sure their clothes are easy to manage

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Buttons and annoying zippers are the cause of 99% of accidents. If it’s summer, just put the kid in a long shirt or a dress and a pair of underpants or shorts.

Underwear can feel like diapers at an early age

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For some kids, you have to take them out of any kind of a binding garment. This is particularly true for boys. Some of them just won’t get potty trained until you put them in nothing but a pair of jogging pants or shorts without underwear. Boys can’t always feel that they need to go if everything is squashed against them.

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