Otile Brown Blasts Ohangla Musician for Seeking Attention Using His Name

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Musician Otile Brown blasted Ohangla Rhumba musician Prince Indah famously known as Janabi following a poster about his album launch concert which he has been hyping for a while now.

Otile warned his followers that they should stay alert for such scam posters that are using his name. He also threatened anyone else who will do the same that he will take action against it.

“Scum..we don’t know about this. This is so wrong and so disrespectful as artists we should know better. Tutaanza kuwachapa tu na ma lawsuit, tutawakulia don’t mess with my hustle,” he said.

This is not the first time Otile’s name is being used on posters to hype concerts falsely. Early last week he also cautioned his fans against another poster which was making rounds that stated that he was to perform during a kids’ event which was to be held at Salama Children’s Home.

He went ahead to ask help from his fans to verify if the Children home truly exists so that he could attend and if he was to be held up, he would have tried and fixed some time to go visit the kids since they were looking forward to seeing him during the event.

“Scum  Don’t lie to the kids man.. this is wrong and since this kids are looking forward to see me on that day I’ll try and fix time and go see them inshaallah  (if I’ll be available) and if I’ll be held up , i can come another day – that is if the children home actually exists therefore please reach out to us via that number on my bio,” he said.

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