Samsung Phone Worth Ksh300,000 Arrives In Kenya(Pictures)

Samsung Galaxy Fold worth an estimated retail price of Ksh300,000 is finally available for purchase in Kenya, says digital blogger Robbert Alai.

The table-like phone is dubbed fold because one can easily reduce it to a normal phone size by folding.

New Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold weighs about 263 grams and measuring just over 1.7 centimetres thick. It is almost twice as heavy and more than double the thickness of a standard Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy Fold is a spec monster boasting six cameras, 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and two displays: a 4.6-inch “cover screen” on the outside and a flexible 7.3-inch screen on the inside.

The back of the Samsung Galaxy Fold when folded a bit.

In addition, the phone has 4380 mAh battery that delivers incredible longevity on a charge that is capable of lasting for 17 hours and some minutes while using its big folding screen on video rundown.

The phone boasts of the longest runtime ever seen on a phone.

The front view of New Sams Galaxy Foldwhen folded a bit.

The Fold has the ability to switch seamlessly between apps on the cover screen and apps on the inside display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold when completely folded.

The Galaxy Fold was launched earlier this year but had to be withdrawn from the market to undergo some upgrades.

The phone was officially released to the market again on September 27.



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