IEBC Reveals The Number of Voters Imram and Mariga Have to Woo in By-election

Slightly over 100,000 voters will determine the outcome of the upcoming Kibra MP by-election, the IEBC has revealed.

In a gazette notice announcing the completion of the voter register revision exercise, IEBC noted that the total number of voters in the five Wards within the Constituency is 118,658.

The notice comes as a reality check for poll contestants, who are in the last minute rush to get numbers working to their advantage, during the November 7 poll.

Although 23 contestants have expressed interest in the seat, the race has narrowed down to Jubilee Party’s MacDonald Mariga and ODM Party’s Imram Okoth.

Imram Okoth and Mariga

The two, with the weight of Deputy President William Ruto and Raila Odinga behind them respectively, have made it impossible to predict the outcome of the mini-election.

Initially, it was though that the ODM Party would sweep the Constituency away in terms of support, but Jubilee’s Mariga has shaken the tyranny of numbers notion, during his outreach meetings that have attracted thousands of Kibra residents.

DP Ruto during Jubilee’s Sunday Kibra rally

So large has Mariga’s rallies’ turnout been, that the rival ODM Party arrived at the conclusion that using DP Ruto’s influence, the former footballer is engaged in crowd hiring and buying of votes.

While the ODM Party has been heavily vocal in criticising Mariga’s manifesto, personality, and qualifications, Jubilee Party has interestingly maintained a low profile, adding to the suspense on what the faction has in plan for the Constituency.

Should Jubilee cinch the seat, ODM will have to fully re-strategise its approach for the 2022 General Election, as this will be an indication of loyalty shift, in its purported untouchable strongholds.

It will also be a show of political might by Ruto, whose political career many believe is going down the drain, with the new-found political understanding between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga.

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