I Forgave My Husband for Cheating but Now I Have Changed My Mind – Heartbroken Wife

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Marriage is usually described as a bed of thorns. It is never easy but requires forgiveness and patience to keep the marriage fire burning. As much as forgiveness is concerned, some mistakes seem to be so hard to swallow.

Below is a confession of a lady who caught her husband having sex with another lady on their matrimonial bed. She is in a dilemma on what to do since she can’t stomach the man any more even if she has forgiven him.

Read the confession below:

Image result for stressed black woman

Two weeks ago I busted my husband of five years having sex with another woman in our marital bed. I moved out and decided to go on with my life.

Now he is calling me asking for forgiveness. I forgave him in my heart, but I don’t feel like we can live together because he has been cheating on me and accusing me falsely even to his parents.

Because of his lies, his family is under the impression that I treat him badly and they don’t like me at all. We have a four-year-old baby boy. Please advise me.

What advice would you give her? After forgiving her husband, should she get back to him? Share with us your thoughts on what you think should be the best solution for such a scenario.

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