Hottest Kenyan Musical Angels You Need To Listen To ASAP

The Kenyan entertainment scene has grown exponentially and with it has come the rise of young new upcoming artists blowing up our social media.

While the country has paid more focus to the gengeton wave that took us by storm, there have also been a number of young talented female musicians who have emerged from Instagram.

Their melodic voices coupled with irresistible beauty have earned them hundreds of thousands of followers and Kenyans simply can’t get enough of them.

Check the 8 hottest upcoming artists below.

  1. Nikita Kering

Little miss sunshine Nikita is not only beautiful but has vocal chords to match. This rising teenage star was among the top 10 artists to win Mr Eazi’s funding.

2. Bridget Blue

Bridget Blue started her singing career on Instagram when King Kaka recognized her talent and signed her to his label. She literally has it all.


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Be blessed ❤

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3. Brandy Maina

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You would have to listen to Brandy to truly know why fans are obsessed with this beauty. Her voice is unique and she writes her own music too.


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4. Muthaka

The talented Muthaka has swept fans off their feet in various events with her smooth sultry voice. Hearing her sing is like hearing the calming sound of birds in the morning, truly breathtaking.

5. Kendi Nkonge

You would not imagine the pipes on the fiery Miss Kendi Nkonge by just looking at her but boy can she sing. Beyonce kando!  Her powerful vocal cords have landed her on international stages and she shows no signs of slowing down.

6. Nduta Kinuthia

Compared to the rest of the queens on this list, Nduta Kinuthia is fairly new on the Kenyan music scene. She has come in and proven that it doesn’t matter when you start as long as you start.

7. Kali

Kali studied music professionally abroad before she came back to the country to pursue her passion full time. Fun Fact, Miss Kali is Youtuber Elodie Zone’s long-time bestie.

8. Achieng

The lovely Achieng is truly a force to reckon with and her smooth soulful voice proves just as much.






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