How Brutally Murdered Priest’s Last Moments Unfolded

Information has revealed the happenings that occurred hours before Catholic priest Michael Kyengo was brutally murdered.

Details have now shown that Kyengo was not alone in his final moments on this earth but rather spent time with some he knew very well.

It was reported that the main suspect in the case, Michael Mutunga, has confessed and revealed how he met up with Kyengo.

Slain Priest Michael Kyengo

Kyengo and Mutunga had tea together, with the victim unaware of the plot by his colleague on ending his life once and for all according to a local daily.

The arrest of another suspect in the matter, Kavivya Mwangangi, shed more light on the happenings that played out up to the demise of the man of the cloak.

Mwangangi, disclosed to DCI investigators handling the crime that he was approached by Mutunga who asked him to go to the house where the slain priest was residing.

The 46-year old criminal narrated that he got to the place quickly as it wasn’t far from where he was.

Kavivya Mwangangi during a court hearing

On arrival, Mwangangi expressed that he found Kyengo already dead on his sofa.

Police investigations however, brought a new twist to the case with it being revealed that Kyengo was not abducted but rather drove himself to his death in Mbeere.

A third criminal arrested in connection to the brutal murder, Solomon Mutava, was claimed to have been the one who drove the vehicle to the place it was discovered in the Makindu, Makueni County.

An investigator who sought anonymity, reiterated that upon discovery of the body by Mwangangi, Kyengo was taken next to a river bank where he was buried.

The kiosk owner, Mwangangi, asserted that Mutunga paid him Ksh 1500 for his services of disposing the body.

“The priest’s body was loaded onto the boot of his vehicle and drove to a river bank where he was buried in a shallow grave,” noted the detective.

The investigators who confiscated the phone used by Mutunga when they apprehended him, proved that an Mpesa transaction of the stated amount was indeed conducted.

Body of murdered priest discovered

Further findings by the authorities divulged that Kyengo was stabbed to death in the neck and stomach.

The knife used by the perpetrator was later recovered from a pit latrine within the compound.

On Thursday, the Kinoti led group, gave spine chilling facts that the man of the cloak might have been connected to the Illuminati cult.

The link was established after a registration form to be members of the devil worshipping cult this year, was unearthed at Kyengo’s premises.

Detectives also confiscated a notebook bearing names and phone numbers of people suspected to be members of Illuminati

Additional information asserted that a notebook with names and contacts of individuals supposed to be members of the secret society organisation.

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