ODM Responds to Mariga’s Shopping Spree with Mega Rally Announcement

As the Kibra by-election race hots up, the two major rival camps in the contest are pulling the final aces up their sleeves in a bid to outshine one another.

On Friday, Jubilee candidate MacDonald Mariga took his campaign trail to Othaya Market in a decorated shopping spree dubbed Twende soko na Mariga, as he unveiled his infrastructure and business manifesto for the constituency.

Mariga’s decision to unveil his commitment towards the two sectors within a market setting may seem like a random move to an ordinary person.

Mariga’s latest campaign move

To the politically elite, however, it is a clever trick to win over more support from agricultural products vendors, an occupation that earns many residents of Kibra their living.

Mariga’s team at Othaya Market on Friday

The weight of Jubilee’s Friday undertaking is evident going by the fact that the rival ODM Party has now made its, possibly, only remaining power move.

The party, which has fielded Imram Okoth as its candidate for the November 7 poll, on Friday afternoon announced that it will hold a mega rally at Kibra on Sunday, with party leader Raila Odinga set to grace the event.

The rally promotion poster for Sunday’s ODM Kibra rally

Dubbed The Kibra Confirmation, the rally will be held at the Maili Saba Grounds from 2 PM.

Kibra has in the past been heavily linked with Odinga’s influence and is often termed as an ODM stronghold and most recently, “Raila’s bedroom.”

The Kibra Confirmation is, therefore, just a means of ODM Party scorning Jubilee in terms of crowd turn up which is often considered a means of poll outcome prediction.

The agenda of ODM’s  #mbelepamoja rally has not yet been revealed but clearly, the tactical gloves are officially off.

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