My Neighbor’s Teen Daughter Seduced Me – Troubled Kenyan Man Confesses

Troubled Kenyan man (Pexel)

A Kenyan man has opened up about his neighbour’s teenage daughter who has been making moves on him.

This was in a social media confession group where the man claims that the teenage girl has been openly flirtatious with him, a situation that has caused a rift between him and his wife.

See his story below:

Here goes my confession. Of course, hide my ID. Women, women, women! I just don’t know. Now a female tenant moved in and occupied a house on the ground floor of our apartment with two very hot teenage daughters. Having just completed high school last year I considered the ladies too young and immature for me. Besides, my wife is the Queen of drama on earth, can not only skin me alive but also drag me to CNN, BBC, al Jazeera et al to announce to the world how unfaithful, unholy, dirty, irresponsible, promiscuous, disrespectful, deadly I’ve become.

So I tried very much to keep distance from the damsels. However, the younger of the two had other things in her mind. Apart from being extremely hot, she is also friendly and very social. I would limit our interaction to waving hi and nothing else but she appears not to be contented with that. From the way she dressed up and smiled at me it was clear she wanted me to hit her stuff. Soon she became friends with my wife and I could see her bringing her youngest brother to play with my son. This, however, did not last long as my wife abruptly terminated the friendship after she ‘noticed that she was giving me much attention’. But the little girl refused to give up. She would time when my wife was way especially on Sundays when she goes to church and tiptoe to my house to ‘ask for movies’.

She would tiptoe to my house to ‘ask for movies’

At first, I dismissed her and told her that my choice of movies cannot match with her age and taste but she insisted that she will watch anything that I watched. After going through my movie library, I came across one that was less explicit with less violence and gave it to her. After some few days, she brought it back and asked if I had Spartacus, or submission. I had not heard of submission but I considered Spartacus so dirty and violent for her age. Then she dropped the bombshell. That she wants to watch Spartacus with a d**k besides her and that d**k must be mine. Although this sounded awkward it turned me on immediately. A neighbour, who was watching from her balcony (we were at the gate) noticed my bulging trouser and smelled a rat.

Apparently, the neighbour also suspected the little girl to be having an affair with her hubby. So she monitored her every move. Within no time word reached my wife that I was discussing pornography with that ratchet. My wife sat me down and quoted all the Bible verses that she thought of. She gave me the option of ruining my family because of that wretch or accompanying her to church for counselling by her pastor. By this time I had not known who had given her the information. Soon I came to learn that this neighbour whom I almost f**ked on our first meeting was the one feeding my wife with such crap. I thought she had betrayed me and vowed to revenge. Since I knew her weaknesses I used the same tactic that almost get her f**ked by me again. I kindly requested her to accompany me to view some mansions on sale. We were to use her car. While we were at the scene, in one of the houses, I began to touch her as we were moving along. Since our guide thought that we were a couple she didn’t have any suspicions. I requested her to give us some space to discuss some financial issues. It was then that I dragged my neighbour into one of the washrooms of the house and f**ked her hard.

I f**ked her hard (Courtesy)

I then reminded her that it was a revenge for snitching on me for my wife. Although she kept it a secret, we maintained our randy ways. One day we were almost caught by her house help as we were making out on her couch. What surprises me is that she’s extremely jealous when she sees me with another woman including my wife. Hide my id please.

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