My Infidelity Won’t Allow me to Face my In-laws- Wife Confession

Infidelity can negatively impact on relationships in the worst way. It truly pays to be a faithful partner.

When you cheat, you put your partner through a great amount of emotional trauma because he/she trusted you and believed in you.

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Recovering your relationship after an affair can be extremely challenging as your partner could continue to ponder the details of your affair and continuously watch out for further signs of betrayal.

Below is a confession from a lady who cheated on her husband and was unhappy after she learnt the in-laws knew her infidelity story.

I broke up with the love of my life, the dad to my baby. I loved him so much. I stupidly involved myself with another man and he knew about it. He scolded me, he pushed me away.

I struggled to get things back to normal, ask for forgiveness and start afresh, but all was in vain. Until one day he informed his whole family of what I did. That’s when I gave up and that’s when he wanted us to reconsider.

How do I ever face my inlaws again? Especially his parents? My question is if you cheated and your partner informed their entire family about it, would you still try the marriage again despite the shame? And don’t you think a couple should have their own secrets?

If you asked to advise the lady, do you think she should reconsider getting back with her husband? If your husband/wife cheated would you let either parent know?

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