I Can’t Stop Stealing From My Family- Disturbed Lady Confesses


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Being in bad behavior that one is not comfortable with and unable to drop can be a traumatizing situation. The confession below is of a lady who is unable to get rid of her stealing habit that she has extended it to close family members.

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My confession is that I get this urge to steal even from those who trust me the most that include my family. To people’s eyes am this innocent woman with the class so after a person realizes something precious is missing from his/her collection, they never suspect me.

The only person who has ever realized I am a thief was my first boyfriend but we broke up a long time ago. Whenever I see something valuable, something inside me wants to take it at all cost it doesn’t matter where I am, it ends up in my handbag.

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What sometimes makes me feel guilty is when I steal from my brothers or their wives. I’ve caused serious separations between them in the past because as I said it’s impossible to suspect that I was the actual thief.

The adrenaline I get from stealing something without being caught is somewhat confusing, I seem to enjoy it and not to enjoy it. In the past, I have tried to stop stealing without success.

The things I steal mostly jewelry come from instantaneously, it’s not that I plan to steal, the opportunity to steal presents itself randomly then I do it. Based on the value of the things I steal, I only pray that I don’t get one day because that might be the end of me and freedom.

What do you think should be the best solution for her to do away with this creepy behavior? Share with us your thoughts on how you can help this lady in the comments section.

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