3 Children Airlifted After Spending the Night Stuck in Tsavo National Park

The nightmare is not over for three children, who were among dozens who spent the night trapped in the wild, after their school buses got stuck in mud, following a heavy downpour on Thursday.

The Kenya Red Cross reported that following the incident at the Tsavo National Park, the three developed health complications and were taken to hospital on a chopper, soon after emergency teams managed to make their way to where the vehicles were stuck.

Earlier, the Red Cross had announced that together with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) personnel, they had managed to rescue the close to 200 children.

The students who had visited the Park for a sight seeing expedition had their journey cut short at Bachuma area after heavy rainfall rendered roads at the area impassable.

The stranded pupils boarding a rescue bus on Friday

Taita Taveta Red Cross coordinator Joram Oranga said that although the buses got stuck at around 5 PM, the children and their 15 teachers could not be rescued until Friday because the rescue tractor which had been sent to the scene broke down.

One of the buses that got stuck at Tsavo National Park

The incident adds to the worrying trend of life endangering situations arising from the heavy rainfall being experienced around the country.

Dehydration, fatigue, and respiratory complications are among the top likely consequences of exposure to harsh weather conditions, especially in children.

The coastal region, where Tsavo National Park is located, is one of the areas most affected by raging floods resulting from the rains which meteorologists have warned will persist until the end October.

According to government statistics, 29 people have so far died since the onset of the short rains this month.

Hundreds of livestock have also been swept away by floods, which have also created humanitarian situations in regions such as Northern Kenya, where homes have been swept away.

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