Video of Sonko’s Interview that KTN Deleted

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is a disappointed man after KTN apparently left out some parts of the pre-recorded clip on the Point Blank Show which was aired on Wednesday night.

The Governor lamented on Facebook he is not a fan of recorded interviews because some parts deemed controversial are often edited out from what is finally aired.

“Recorded interviews are not usually good, that’s why I like going for live shows. This part on the grabbing of a public playground for an ECDE by an influential businessman was edited and removed by KTN last night. More edited clips downloading” he said.

Mike Sonko
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko [Photo, File]
Sonko shared a part of the interview that KTN edited out. In the video, Sonko discloses he has a problem with the Director of Investigation Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) Mohammed Abdi for alleging hampering his efforts to reclaim grabbed land belonging to a school in Eastleigh.

He alleges that EACC sided with the developer to continue the construction of a mall that his government had stopped.
Watch the video here:

Sonko also defended his government for awarding a tender to AMACO Insurance which is linked to the Deputy President William Ruto.

The Show Host’s Tony Gachoka alleged that the Nairobi county government had awarded a tender worth Ksh100 million in a selective manner.

The Governor acknowledged that Nairobi County Government had indeed paid Ksh100 million to AMACO after providing the tendered services but criticised Gachoka for soiling the name of the DP Ruto.

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