9 Reasons Why Kenyan Women Leave The Men They Love

Kenyan women are always unpredictable. They can wake up and just go. Most men cry out citing that he really doesn’t understand the reasons behind her packing and leaving.

Men, here are the reasons:

1.No Attraction:

These may be that they’re simply not the man you fell in love with when starting out. Life changes all of us, and some of us change at different rates or in completely different ways to our partners.

  A Couple Arguing

2.Less Intimacy:

Two people can be together only when both of them really want the relationship and when they always express their feelings both in words and through actions.

A Sad Woman in Bed with her Boyfriend

3.Lack of appreciation:

You cannot stay where you feel unappreciated. this can make one feel like it’s the end of your relationship in some ways; as though you’re being rejected, almost, through a lack of actions that show appreciation. Some Kenyan men like being given but can hardly give back.

   Lack of Appreciation

4.Past Heartbreak:

No one would want a repeat of the pain that came after a heartbreak.

   A Sad Couple

5.Lack Of Trust:

Lack of trust can really get in the way of a lot of the other great parts of being with someone; attraction, understanding, and compatibility.

Trust issues

6.Differences In The Relationship:

You don’t want to stay with a man whose plans are always up in the air. You cannot achieve anything serious with a man who changes their mind all the time.

        Relationship Differences


You are always unhappy, never open to trying new things, and constantly shoot down any and all ideas from your girlfriend because you think that they are ridiculous. At some point she will just want to move on in order to grow and make her and your life more interesting.


8.Too Childish:

She wants to start a family but you want to leave your job and go for Road trips, motorsports tournament with your boys. In general, women are not ready to have children with people who are immature.

9.Giving without Receiving:

Kenyan girls have had it! You are always giving without getting anything in return Good relationships don’t work this way.


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