My Brother Has Been Hitting on Me – Troubled Kenyan Lady

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A Kenyan lady has opened up about her troubling relationship with her family. A relationship that has made her keep her distance from her family members.

In a lengthy post on Telegram, she opened up about her older brother making passes at her when she was young. A situation that had her keeping to herself and locking herself in her room to prevent his advances.

However, things escalated after she witnessed her brother stab a lady in a club and now he has been sending threats her way.

Read her confession, “I would like to share this because it has been eating me up for a while. I have a complicated family, whether it’s my family or me that’s complicated I don’t know. I have a strange relationship with my sister and brothers. While they seem to be free with each other, talk and laugh together, I can’t do that I always just keep quiet and listen to them or that’s what they make me do.

Or just maybe they’re way older than me. For example, my sister has a girl my age whom we grew up together and people always say she’s my twin sister.

My mother is kind of un-relatable if even you met her today you would tell she’s got a hell of an attitude but she’s my mother I love her beyond words, despite that my mother’s relationship doesn’t stretch any further from greetings I tend to envy other people’s relationship with their parents how they can sit down and talk and laugh.”

I have a complicated family (Pexel)

“From when I was in form one my big brother whom we are also half-siblings and who also happens to be a pastor started making passes on me. Back then I could not tell anyone since I didn’t even know how to approach my mother. It was the hardest part of my life than being sent to a boarding school where it’s so hard to fit in. I tried to avoid my brother the best way I could but it was getting hard. School was bad enough and when other students would look forward to go home I was stuck there. And even if I was to say my brother was making passes on me my mother wouldn’t believe because he was her favourite and to top it up he was a pastor.

Unfortunately for me, my dad passed away when I was in form one. And suddenly I was left with extra money from my pocket money and the money you are sent as transport when you are about to close schools, being that I was from a school that doesn’t allow shopping and all you could bring with you was only the basics you needed.

One day I saw an opportunity to be away from home and away from my brother. I took one friend of mine or the only friend I had then while in form two for a road trip to Kapenguria, West Pokot county. It then became a routine whenever schools would close I would take here along for crazy road trips and she never knew why. For her, it was an adventure but for me, it was a chance to be away from home and later other students started joining in. But suddenly four years were over so quickly. That meant I had to pack and go back home after my KCSE. It was hard for me because my brother was everywhere. I used to lock all the doors when I was alone at home and my mum would joke I lock myself up in dark rooms since I was born at midnight,” she confessed.

I used to lock all the doors when I was alone at home (Pexel)

Her brother’s sexual advances escalated to life-threatening after she witnessed the stabbing of a lady by her brother.

“I got invited out by a friend to a nearby town to go clubbing at night… I heard a commotion in a dark corner not far from the club and out of curiosity my legs carried me there and I couldn’t believe my eyes my brother had stabbed a lady. I even thought I was dreaming and I turned to head back to the club just at the door, a fight had broken out and my friend who had brought me with him was looking for me just near the door I didn’t even have the courage to speak so he thought I was going down with a panic attack so he took me back home. The following day I still thought I was dreaming until my brother walked up to me and threatened me…And that is how I packed a few of my clothes and left home.

After which I tried to reach my mother and explain things to her but she never listened. After a while, my sister left home and she had a baby with her maybe this is what made my mother realized what was happening. During that time, I had to change numbers because he had been trying to reach me and finally my mother warned him and things seemed to cool down. But he has called me again and I’m afraid. I don’t know what to do anymore and haven’t slept for the last three days I feel sick there is so much pressure and I don’t even think I can open up to anyone since the two people I could talk to also have problems of their own and I don’t want to add to it…Please share anonymously,” she posted concluding her tale.

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