How Govt Plans to End Ongoing Floods Menace – CS Wamalwa

The government was aware that the ongoing deadly floods in the country would have adverse effects, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has admitted.

Speaking on Citizen TV Tuesday, Wamalwa acknowledged that the challenge of devastating weather patterns dates back to close to a decade ago, and that it has been a learning process in terms of how to mitigate effects such as loss of human lives.

The CS further admitted that the government had received warnings from climate experts regarding “abnormal” weather patterns as a result of climate change, with floods and droughts alternating without a break in between.

Wamalwa termed the deaths of 20 people as a result of the raging floods experienced in October as unfortunate, pointing out that the government is in the process of instituting a response protocol to such emergencies.

This framework, Wamalwa explained, will entail designating county governments as first responders to natural calamities such as floods and drought at grassroots, with the national government only intervening when the counties are unable to manage such situations.

If both levels of government fail to resolve the crisis, it is then that the International Community will be called upon for assistance.

Wamalwa added that the ongoing construction of dams and water pans around the country will also be helpful in collecting water which, instead of sustaining human life, is causing death of people and livestock, as well as property loss.

“We have no choice but to construct dams,” Wamalwa said, insisting that construction of dams currently facing implementation challenges such as the Arror and Kimwarer Dams must continue.

Further, Wamalwa promised pastoralists who have lost their livestock to the floods compensation under the government’s insurance policy for such occurrences.

He also revealed plans to build animal shelters to admit livestock from herders during drought periods, instead of them dying while in search of water and pastures.

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