Best Food to Take during Cold Season

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It is normal to feel hungrier during cold seasons. You don’t only need to eat but you need to eat food which will keep you warm during such a season.

Below is a list of some types of food which you should take to feel warm and full as you wait for the next meal during the cold days.

Hot Chocolate

This drink comes in handy, during winter or rainy days. Just boil milk add two teaspoons of ‘Drinking Chocolate’ powder, mix well and enjoy!


This is another food that I prefer during these cold days. Easy to cook and time-saving, this delicacy should be consumed in moderation though!

Domino’s Pizza

Just a phone call away, you’ll get this delivered at your home. Generously add those powdery spices provided along with it, during the rainy or icy days!

Onion Bajji

Nothing can beat home-cooked onion bajjis. Slice and keep the onions aside. Prepare a batter with gram flour ( Besan ), red chilli powder, salt, and heated oil. Dip the onion slices in the batter and deep fry until deep brown!

Tomato Soup

Hot tomato Soup with roasted bread crumbs and cream on top is a favorite too during winter!


I recently had them on a rainy day in my office canteen. It’s the best feeling ever. Eating samosa as you go n with your task in the office!! My phone also had some!! 😉

Coffee with Choco powder sprinkled over it

Coffee, laptop, study desk near window and writing material and rain outside. Perfect combination! Especially for writers. It helps you feel warm and energetic in lazy weather! I enjoy it and coffee is my favorite beverage so it has to be on the list.


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