Atwoli Makes His Kibra By-Election Prediction as He Hits Ruto Hard Again


COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has given his take on the upcoming by-elections in Kibra.

According to Atwoli, Jubilee’s Macdonald Mariga stands no chance in the race with the trade unionist predicting an early win for ODM’s Imran Okoth.

“I have never predicted something that never came to pass, by 10 am, Imran will be the MP for Kibra, take it to the bank,” Said Atwoli who later confirmed that he is not an ODM member but a KANU member.

Atwoli said that despite spending lot’s of money on Mariga, the ruling Jubilee Party was spending it’s resources on a ‘wrong horse’ that cannot win.

When pressured to further explain his sentiments, Atwoli said that Kibra is an ODM Stronghold and as such irregardless of what Mariga’s jubilee does, they will not have their day in there.

Atwoli also continued his onslaught on DP William Ruto with the COTU boss affirming his earlier remarks that Ruto will not be President come 2022. He also affirmed that there will be a referendum and as such, Kenyans should brace themselves for one.

“I have said it before on the bench-there will be a referendum….the DP will not be the next president. If I were him, I would not waste even a single cent campaigning to be the next president” Said Atwoli.

On President Uhuru’s looming retirement, Atwoli stated that the head of state is too young to go home.

He called out Ruto for having wrong people around him that time and again mislead him.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta is too young to retire…I think the DP has bad advisers… A president is a president-he might be weak but he understands all that goes on in gov’t…If the president mentions your name, stand up”  Said Atwoli while appearing on Citizen TV’s JKL.

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