4 Things That Waste Time In Relationships

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Relationships need time to blossom, however, overdoing it is what makes it a great concern.

In a relationship, you are expected to invest your time and almost everything to make it work. It is more logic to have it in mind that other things need to get done too.

Partners should understand that there is a need to have limits and boundaries for the sake of having enough time to socialize with others and also grow their careers.

There are quite a number of things that waste our time in relationships. Especially during the first year of making and feeling the need to be physically and emotionally present to your partner at all times.

Even if it means waking up to pick their call in the middle of the night or chatting all night long.

Here are some of the time-wasters

1. You spend so much time thinking about him/ her

It is okay to fantasize about him and your future plans. If this becomes a distraction and affects your productivity, you should have plans to make adjustments.

2.Messaging and Calling Endlessly


This does not just waste your time but money too especially if you go to the extent of borrowing credit just to continue the long phone call conversation.

Communication is obviously important and you obviously have to make an effort. However, you can do this without being in debt or having to talk all night long because you miss each other.

3.No commitment

Lack of commitment can be dangerous unless you have mutually agreed that you do not want any future plans for your relationship.

Otherwise, it is pointless to fully invest in something that will not last anyway.

4.Thinking you can fix him

It is okay to be hopeful but once you feel like you have given so many chances it is also okay to accept that it is not working

5. Being obsessed with each other


This is never a good thing since no one gets to give their partner space. Mostly experienced in teenage relationships although it could happen to anyone.

In an obsessive relationship, there are higher chances you will be a hindrance to your partner’s growth.


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