Nairobi’s Jamia Mosque Opens Doors to Public

Aerial view of Nairobi’s Jamia Mosque built in 1925. PHOTO: Courtesy

The largest Mosque in Kenya has announced it will be opening its doors to members of the public drawn from all faiths on Saturday, 26th of October.

Through the mosque’s official Twitter handle, visitors will be treated to a guided tour of the mosques expansive floor space.

The visitors will also get the rare experience to watch live prayers, get Islamic literature and get other refreshments while at it.

Situated along Banda Street, construction of the magnificent Nairobi mosque commenced in 1902 but at the time, Indians and Arabs were not allowed to own property.

They worshipped in iron-sheet structures before official construction of the mosque began in 1925.

At the time of its construction, Jamia Mosque was among the beauties of Nairobi streets, with its hand-carved wooden doors and architecturally beautiful curves.

Image result for history of Nairobi Jamia mosque
Jamia Mosque in the 90’s

The mosque recorded the amounts of contributions made towards its construction including bangles and shillings from women.

Jamia mosque boasts a capacity to host at least 8000 worshippers and is especially crowded on Fridays when worshippers bring the entire Banda Street to a complete stop.

Inside this historic piece of architecture are an upper floor for hosting female worshippers and the ground floor for the men.

Its floors are pure marble with other parts having a ceramic tile finish.




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