Magoha Blasted by Leaders Over Biased Exam Cheating Remarks (Video)

Education CS George Magoha has found himself on the wrong side following exam cheating remarks made during a public function.

Magoha came under fire after a section of leaders were angered by his statement over the prediction of areas in the country that will have high cases of cheating.

Leaders from Wajir County have come out and called for Magoha’s exit after targeting the region with the negative comments.

Led by Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi, declared that Magoha needs to have evidence before making such allegations.

“Magoha needs to make a statement with the police before the criminal responsible for such an act records one.”

“Have the residents of Wajir taken the money? That is a serious statement by the Education CS.” uttered the governor.

Mohammed further highlighted that the people of the area had rights like other Kenyans and they needed to be respected by even those in power.

“We don’t want such stupidity. We can’t accept the statement from that Cabinet Secretary.”

“As the people of Wajir, we condemn the bias by Magoha.” stated Mohamed.

Wajir Senator Abdullahi Ali backed Governor Mohamed’s sentiments and pointed out that the CS had discriminated the region before even the process started.

“How can you just sit somewhere and assume that people are going to cheat when you have nothing.”

“What prediction is there. This is terrible and it’s not fair.” stated Abdullahi.

He added that if the Education CS won’t retract his statement and continue with such bias, they would boycott the national process.

“What is the essence of doing exams when you have already been condemned?” questioned Abdullahi.

Wajir Senator Abdullahi Ali during a past event

The politicians however asked candidates in the area readying themselves for the KCPE and KCSE assessment, not to be discouraged by the opinions of the head of the education ministry.

In the past, learners from the area have been left heartbroken on numerous occasions where their results have been cancelled due to cheating.

Last Tuesday, Magoha asserted that four counties were under close surveillance as a way to stop the vice ahead of the upcoming national examinations.

The four counties included Wajir, Mandera, Garissa and Migori which the CS warned would face consequences id students are caught cheating.

According to the no-nonsense leader, the monitoring exercise will cover a 2km radius to ensure no irregularities ensue.

Education CS George Magoha during a past media address

“I am asking the leaders of North Eastern, that is Wajir, Mandera and Garissa, please kindly allow our children to do their exams without interference, and I can guarantee that you better results

“Children are intelligent from everywhere, including North Eastern. You confuse them by giving the wrong answers” declared Magoha.

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