Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Smokie Business in Kenya

With the Kenyan economy, starting and maintaining a business can be frustrating but if you find the right business in the right environment, you will excel.

Even though most people are beginning to embrace healthy living, smokie business has become quite lucrative. The business would be likened to a fast-food enterprise.

The eggs and smokies business is thriving as more Kenyans embrace the favourite on-the-go snacks. Prices are uniform across the country, with a boiled egg going for Sh20 and a smokie Sh25.

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Customers at bus stops, marketplaces and bars are the main consumers of the snacks.

It is common to see men and women in white coats carrying buckets or hot pots or pushing three-wheeled trolleys moving from bar to bar selling the snacks.

So, you don’t have to worry so much about getting your materials. The business can get earn you a fortune if you do it right.

If you are planning to start a smokie business soon, here are some of the things you need to know.

Learn how to Prepare them

Before purchasing anything, you have to learn how to prepare smokies. Do you boil them first or fry them? Since most of them are usually ready to eat, you just need some heat to see you off. Also, learn to tell the difference between a smokie that is ready to eat and one that needs to be cooked well.

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Draft a business plan

The next step is to draft a business plan that would help you run the business without mishaps. Include all the necessary factors and equipment needed to have a successful business.

The smokies or eggs needed for the business can be readily found in the local market or supermarkets. The tomatoes and onions too are readily available in the market.

Search for a suitable location

Do you the location of a business outlet has a lot to do with the success of that business? This is why you need to pay ample attention to where you’ll be selling your smokies.

When securing a location for the business, you have to consider different factors like the exposure, neatness, accessibility for customers, space and many more.

Find out about your competitors

Conduct thorough research about your competitions and find out why they are successful, in addition to what makes them stand out. Then figure out how to be better than them.

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Register your business

These city council people especially in Nairobi are not kind. Ask around if you need to pay for any fees or even register your business with the right bodies.

Source for funds

Finances have always been important especially your capital. You need to know if weigh in if you are financing the business or you need to source for the fund? Get your capital ready before you can start the business.

 Purchase your equipment

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For effective growth, you need some equipment to see you through. Make sure you have the right pieces of equipment beforehand. Have quality in mind when getting these pieces of equipment which include a jiko, a trolley, some dishes for the kachumbari and many more.

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