Aaron Cheruiyot, Lawyer Ojienda Exchange Blows Over Samboja’s Impeachment Case

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot and Lawyer Tom Ojienda

Impeachment case of  Taita Governor Granton Samboja has resulted in a new drama following an exchange of blows between Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot and Lawyer Tom Ojienda.

They two have resulted in an online spat following the decision made by the senate on Tuesday.

Ojienda ridiculed the decision to proceed with Samboja’s impeachment hearing after a court order was issued to block such a move.

Taita-Taveta Governor Granton Samboja. PHOTO: Courtesy

The lawyer questioned the reason behind the verdict which was decided on the grounds that the governor was being disrespectful as reported by the media.

The vocal Ojienda pointed out that the lawmakers were hypocritical in going after Samboja despite existing orders not do so.

“How is that even a ground for proceeding to disobey a court order?”

“These are the very same individuals who cry when other institutions refuse to obey court order in their favor.” noted Ojienda.

Cheruiyot however took a swipe at Ojienda highlighting that the information being given was fake news.

The Senator, advised the lawyer to seek the correct details of the decision from his colleague Lawyer Nelson Havi who is Samboja’s legal representative.

“You are reacting to fake news. Please ask counsel for Gov Samboja, Nelson Havi, the grounds upon which our committee decided to proceed.” declared Cheruiyot.

The popular Ojienda was however quick to respond to the politician asserting that if the tables were turned, Cheruiyot and his counterparts would have been in the frontline calling for respect of such orders.

“Your Committee is acting sub judice Senator even after being served with a Court Order to stop the process.”

“How do you then expect the National Assembly and or the Executive to follow and respect Court Orders given in your favor by the same Court?” questioned the lawyer.

Earlier during the session at the Senate, Havi argued that the embattled Taita Taveta county boss had not been given a chance to defend himself.

“The Governor had not been given a chance to be heard during the hearing of the charges at the County Assembly of Taita Taveta and the Particulars of Allegations had not been served upon the Governor by the Senate and the matter was before the High Court in Petition No. 402 of 2019 and that the matter was, therefore, sub judice, and could not proceed on account of Standing Order 98(2) of the Senate Standing Orders.” stated Havi.

Lawyer Charles Njenga, the County Assembly’s legal representative in the matter, commented that the house had made resolutions prior to the issuance of the orders.

“The orders stated therein had been overtaken by events as the County Assembly had already served the Senate with the Resolution of the County Assembly.” expressed Njenga.

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